An Introduction…

This blog is for you, dreamers.  For you who long to blaze your own trail.  For you who seek to find your own bliss.  For you who want more than the 9-5 corporate grind.  For the artists, the makers, the designers, the musicians.  May you always be inspired, may you never give up your day dream.  May you be relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

The Faint of Heart

Thanks for stopping by…I’m Nicki. I’m inspired by nature, color, “magic hour,” good vibes, traveling, music, chai tea lattes, and Jesus. This blog has been a dream of mine for a while, and it is so nice to see it come to life. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite interests with you:  DIY projects, bohemian fashion musings, updates on my jewelry brand, lifestyle and home decor inspiration, and business tips for handmade entrepreneurs!  I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit of a chore to narrow it down to those five categories (ha!) but I decided to choose things that I really am passionate about, and love to share content about. 

The Faint of Heart brand was born out of my dorm room in 2011.  I owe the deepest of apologies to my roommates for the constant sewing, fabric everywhere, obsession with using them as models, and that one time I left my hot glue gun plugged in for the entirety of Easter Break. Whoops.

 It all started from my insatiable desire to be constantly creating art, in different forms, from finding inspiration in everyday places.  I love to be surrounded by things that make me feel creative. While music is my native creative language, visual art has always been right there beside it. I hope to create things that inspire people to also reach their creative potential, and see the beauty in our every day lives.  From humble beginnings in 2011, TFOH has evolved from a primarily accessories shop, to a dreamcatcher and boho decor shop, until finally settling in the niche of one of my true loves,  bohemian jewelry.

 To say I had humble beginnings would be an understatement.  I started as a wide eyed kid, wonder-filled with expectation as I opened my shiny new Etsy shop.  I obsessed over it for weeks, and then didn’t sell one item.  For a year.  What a time to be alive.  I learned in that time that my lack of initial success put me in the majority of new Etsy sellers. I also learned how to improve my products and store, how to market my jewelry, create a cohesive brand, and even learned some SEO.  All of this happened over the course of about 2 years, and in that time, I started getting regular sales,  and continued growing and growing.   No part of it was easy, or spelled out plainly for me, but the learning experience was all so worth it.  I am so happy to be where I am today, and I wouldn’t trade any of the learning experience it took to get here. untitled-design-5

 I so am excited to share some of my ups and downs of starting my business with you on the Business section of this blog.

 Many “Crafter-noons” later, I discovered that my love of creating didn’t just fit into the confines of jewelry making.  I loved making all kinds of things, from clothing to home decor and pretty much anything in between.  Through much trial and error, and a rebellious disinterest in directions, I am excited to bring to you plenty of original DIY project posts and my experiences making them.   Basically, I’ll make the mess, and then tell you what the best way to do it is.  Deal?  Okay, great.

 Being a handmade jeweler, I am constantly designing new things that will be timeless as well as on trend.  This only fueled my pre-existing love of bohemian fashion.  I can’t wait to talk about my “fashion forecasts” for the season, and also have a blast showing how to style some TFOH jewelry in with the season’s current favorites.  It’s all lighthearted fun and games, here, though folks.  My favorite fashion “rule” is to break any rules and don’t be afraid to be yourself.  I will also be talking about my brand new second home based business, being a fashion consultant for LuLaRoe! These clothes + The Faint of Heart Jewelry is a match made in comfy yet trendy Heaven. (I can get compliments in public for how cute my pajama-comfortable leggings and T-shirt dress are? Sign me up.)30787840479f7e04-img_4837

Finally, I am excited to just share a peek into my life and what I’m up to in Home/Lifestyle posts.  These will be just for fun posts showing off my jaw-droppingly beautiful cat, books I’m currently loving, tea I’m obsessed with, my sweet husband and his amusing antics, and our cute and sometimes clean home.  

Seriously, my cat’s beauty could bring Kate Hudson to her knees weeping.  Maybe I’m biased.  But she is pretty darn adorable.

 xo- Nicki