Every season, I like to do a fun little fashion forecast, where I predict what will be popular in advance.  

 With this season's The Faint of Heart collection having just launched (EEK!) I am pretty much in a celestial, witchy and mysterious fog...and I'm not complaining about it.  Here are my fall fashion predictions:


1.  CELESTIAL - I've never wanted to wear a merlin cloak more, in. my. LIFE. Okay, maybe just a star and moon pattern kimono?  Some lovely metallic embroidery/beading in a celestial pattern, if you're lucky enough to have some schmancy gala to attend?  SWOON.

Here are my The Faint of Heart picks to go with this trend:


2. BIG SLEEVES:  Oh, my gosh, I am obsessed.  I am currently trying (key word trying) to crochet a bell sleeve sweater.  I'll report back with progress.  I could wear big flowy sleeves all day ere day.

3. OVERSIZED OUTERWEAR-the cozier the better.

4. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS- be it embroidery or beading, it's all in the details.

5. OIL SPILL- Mermaids, rejoice.  Word on the street is that a subtle holographic sheen (circa 1985-ish)  is making a big comeback.  I'm not sure how much I'll be getting on board with this one for everyday wear, but I would wear it as a cocktail dress in a heartbeat.

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