c + i: an introduction to my newest brand!

So…I just have entrepreneur glitter running through my veins.  I just want to open a storefront.  Or a mobile boutique.  Or keep my home boutique forever.  And also have my handmade items carried in national chains, and local small businesses.   Basically, I have a million dreams and notebooks full of ideas that I scribble down at all hours of the day and night (ask my husband how many notebooks are in our house…).  Opening this home boutique has been so wonderful for me because I feel like I really am getting my feet wet in one of my big dreams–running my own company that has a strong online presence as well as a physical location.  All that being said…I have an exciting ANNOUNCEMENT!

   After careful consideration, I have decided to carry the jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel in my home boutique!!  We now carry my own handmade boho jewelry brand, The Faint of Heart, LuLaRoe clothing, and Chloe + Isabel jewelry.  Check out my online c+i boutique here.

I decided to carry c+i because it is GORGEOUS, because every single piece has a story that goes with it, and because it is very different than The Faint of Heart, but they complement each other well!  Another thing that I really love about this jewelry is that it has a LIFETIME guarantee!  I love that I can rest assured that if I choose to invest my hard earned dollas into c+i jewelry, I will always have that piece in perfect condition.  

Here’s the best part…..I just joined last week….and this week the semi-annual Friends and Family sale began!!  You can get 25% off of your purchase in my shop using promo code FFSPRING17 !



Some other cool facts about Chloe + Isabel:

-Everything is designed in c+i’s New York City studio

-Every piece is hand-crafted, nickel-free, hypo-allergenic and lead-safe.

-Not just jewelry…..there are HAIR ACCESSORIES TOO.  I am officially in love with the bun cuff I just got.  In. Love.  I wear it as a bracelet, and then if I get tired of my hair being down…BOOM IT’S A BUN CUFF. 

-The name Chloe + Isabel is based off of the concept of two best friends with different styles.  Chloe is the fearless trend-setter, while Isabel values timeless and classic pieces.

-c+i is has been featured in tons of fashion magazine and is worn by celebrities such as Oprah, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevigne, Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba and more.  I won’t lie…..it’s fun to creep on all of the famous people who wear c+i and see which pieces they are sporting.  (Is it weird that I deeply appreciate the fact that Mila Kunis and I have the same earrings?)

Here’s a shot of my cute little c+i set up in my home boutique:


To say the least, I’m really excited!!  Check out my online c+i boutique here! If you want to earn FREE JEWELRY, book a pop-up party with me!  These can be at my house or at your house (or pretty much anywhere.)






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