Style profiles: Nicole, Azure + Lola

Life has been a bit crazy, but good!  LuLaRoe is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure….but it’s so much fun.  I just started carrying a couple new styles, and I thought I would introduce them here.

Nicole Dress-I like the name, obvs.  This full circle skirt dress has a more defined waistline, as opposed to the flow Carly.  The sleeves are a bit longer, which I like, and the neckline is more of a scoop-neck.Untitled design-3

Azure skirt- I really like this one.  It is similar to the Cassie skirt, but is an A line silhouette.  I can see myself wearing one of these in the fall, like, probably every day.  With tights and boots. Untitled design-4

Lola Skirt- This is a fun midi skirt, with an elastic waistband, and a lining and outer layer that is either lace or chiffon.  My favorite part of this skirt is that the out layer is a few inches longer than the lining layer, white shows off the lace and chiffon really well. Untitled design-5


Happy Weekend!


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