LuLaRoe Lookbook

So, I have started this LuLaRoe thing.  I am really enjoying it so far!  At first I was very skeptical, but what I love about LuLaRoe is that it is very straight forward…what you see is what you get! Last week I did a photo tour of my home boutique, so I thought that it was about time for me to introduce the clothing styles I offer!  More to come on my spring collection for my handmade jewelry brand The Faint of Heart.  Here is a fun little lookbook featuring some of my favorite LLR styles.   Shown below are these styles:

Irma tunic–  My current obsession–these tunics are awesome to wear with leggings, jeans, or a skirt.  I love these because I can wear a size Small for a more fitted look, or a Large and tie a  knot in it.

Julia dress– This is the fitted dress, with a straight skirt and above the elbow sleeves.  It pairs well with an Irma or Sarah over top!

Sarah cardigan– This is a fun “duster” cardigan what hits about mid calf.  As someone who is obsessed with layering, this is a must.

Monroe kimono and Lindsay kimono-I can’t stop wearing these.  They are light and flattering kimonos.  The Monroe has some fun fringe at the bottom.  I am obsessed with my lace one.

Leggings– Okay, this is the thing everyone thinks of when they think LuLaRoe…and for good reason.  These are nick-named “butter leggings” because they are so soft.  My husband can vouch for me on this…when I wear them, I will just absentmindedly rub my legs.  It’s weird.  And great.  These things are soft. 

Carly dress– these is the fun T shirt dress.  Most come with a pocket on the upper left ride.  These are very flattering and the skirts are not as fitted as the julia, which makes them great for knot tying.  I have seen people wear leggings underneath them, and/or Classic T’s, Irma’s, or Randy’s over them.

Classic T– A pretty straightforward, classic T shirt, super comfy.

Randy-the baseball T!  None are pictured, but they are fun and come in really great patterns.

All jewelry pictured (except Squash blossom necklace) is The Faint of Heart, of course!

If you’re interested in LuLaRoe, check out my VIP group here.  If you’re a local Memphis person and would like to drop by my home boutique, give me a shout at

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