DIY Scarf Camera Strap



I know I know…two DIY posts in two days?  Guys… I can’t.  Stop.  Making things.  I’m just going to embrace it.  

 I have been swooning after scarf camera straps for a while now!   I saw a few on Etsy and just thought they were the coolest thing…functional AND stylish.   I had this beautiful scarf just lying around, so I decided that it would be a perfect DIY project!  Here’s now I turned a $5 scarf into a DSLR camera strap!



Scarf:  make sure it is a strong material, and isn’t a fabric that will fray.

Leather scraps:  I picked these up at Hobby Lobby.  You can easily use a thick denim or corduroy for a vegan alternative!

Leather cord: also found at Hobby Lobby.

Leather Punch tool:  Mine is Bead Landing brand and I picked it up at Michael’s.

Needle and button thread


First, put the scarf on and decide how long you would like your camera strap to be.  Keep in mind that the final length will be a bit longer than the fabric once the leather cord is attached.  Trim your scarf accordingly!  


Fold your leather pieces and cut triapezoid shapes out of them, leaving the smaller of the parallel sides on the fold, so when the leather is unfolded it will resemble a bowtie.


Use your leather punch tool to make holes all the way around the folded leather, about a centimeter apart. On the side of the trapezoid that is folded,  make your hole punches about a half inch away from the edge, because that is where you will attach the leather cord.


Sew the scarf to the leather, going through the pre-punched holes with your needle.  I took extra time to make sure I did the very thoroughly, because I have a deep loving connection with my camera and if the strap came apart and I dropped it… would not be a good day.  Ha!  


When you have finished that, cut two pieces of the leather cord, about 8 inches in length.  Run those through the open space between where you punched the holes, at the folded part of the leather. Tie off the leather cord and then securely tie to your camera!  Voila!





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